Shrinath prapannacharya ji helps people overcome whatever troubles they face and also find easy and timely solutions. The suggestions that he provided have helped many of his clients with problems in various areas of life.


Call him to get the best results as per your expectations by his online astrology prediction based on .


Vasthu Shastra is a traditonal science of architecture of Sanatana Hindu Dharma The Ancient Indian Science of Time & Space,Sound & Light, Word & Form.

Child Direction

online astrology consultancy will help you by widening your knowledge and strengthen the professional profile of an individual with strategic predictions

Career & Finance

Shrinath prapannacharya ji can help you with his ‘business problem solution’ astrology remedies.

Male-Female Direction

Shrinath prapannacharya ji in an expert to help individuals to show them a right direction In this Report you will get overall directions relating to Health, Romance, Wealth & Personal Growth.

kundali matching

Match making to help individuals find their most compatible partner.Trust and comprehension between partners are extremely important.

katha vachak

Listen to Srimad Bhagvat and Ram Katha.Get to know about shrimad bhagwat katha, sanskar bhajan by a young dramatic soul and one of the topmost Hindu Kathakaars from an expert Shrinath prapannacharya ji.

Marriage & other

Shrinath prapannacharya ji in an expert to bring you two together and help in settling up compatibility in your love life by vedic astrology and Love Spells.

Palm Reading

predict the future of the individual using his knowledge.The objective is to evaluate a person's character or future by studying the palm of their hand.


we also prepared on the basis of the exact date of birth and time, and place of birth of an individual.The chart provides an insight into a person's personality, his/her present and the future.


Astrology has always been a saviour in highlighting our future and guiding us towards a suitable path to achieve success in all walks of life.

Gem Stones

it is really important to take care of the right gemstone, right time, suitable metal, and with chanting suitable mantras, etc. If not taken care of such things a gemstone can act negatively.


He strongly believes that Astrology has found solutions to be of immense help to those who are distressed.